Brooke Burnes is Corbin Burnes Wife – Meet her

Brooke Burnes is Corbin Burnes Wife
Brooke Burnes is Corbin Burnes Wife

It’s one thing to be a hot baseball player, it’s another thing entirely to be the wife of baseball’s hottest pitcher of all time, and that is who Brooke Burnes is.

Corbin Burnes currently pitches for the Milwaukee Brewers and he is married to his childhood sweetheart, Brooke Burnes.

Both Brooke Burnes and Corbin Burnes were raised in Bakersfield and graduated from Centennial High School.

Prior to Burnes being chosen by the Milwaukee Brewers in the 2016 MLB draft, the high school sweethearts attended different colleges.

The duo wedded on November 14, 2020, where Corbin and Brooke exchanged their wedding vows.

Brooke Burnes doesn’t seem too much of a public person as not much information can be found about her online.

However, she does appear in many of Corbin’s Instagram posts.

There is currently no information about her date of birth, but Brooke Burnes was born in California, United States, and is of American nationality.

Brooke Burnes profession & educational background

Brooke Burnes
Brooke Burnes

Like her husband, Brooke is a career-driven individual.

Brooke isn’t afraid to follow her aspirations and likes doing so.

One of the things that made Corbin fall in love with her was her enthusiastic personality.

Brooke graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in accounting.

Brooke enjoys working out mathematical puzzles.

She is a sincere individual.

She is known to be a cheerful woman who puts a lot of effort into her work and manages to get by without the help of her spouse.

It is unknown if she attends the same university to obtain a master’s degree in accounting.

She appears to be doing well in life and has achieved success as a woman in her industry.

Brooke Burnes social life & relationship

As an extrovert, Brooke enjoys using social media.

Her Instagram feed resembles a photo collage of her loved ones.

She lets her followers in on her extravagant way of life.

Brooke and Corbin frequently show their love for one another on social media.

Brooke Burnes has a huge social network, which keeps her from ever feeling alone.

She is more beautiful because of her upbeat outlook on life.


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She rarely takes herself too seriously and typically focuses on the present.

She posts little glimpses of her life on social media much to the joy of her followers.

On social media, Brooke tries to maintain a constant sense of humor and high spirits.

Despite her love of fashion, Brooke prefers to keep things straightforward.

When attending various events, she dresses flamboyantly.

Her original fashion, however, is informal and fun.

She doesn’t like to become fixated on “materialistic” things.

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