Breast SIZE and SHAPE determines your PERSONALITY

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Men have always been fascinating about huge boobs of ladies, that has prompted women to do anything within their power just to get it. But naturally the size and shape of the breast can really determine their personality.

Find out below, the size and shape of breasts, to tell you who you are!

Round Breast (Orange Shape Breast)

This type women may always have problems with frigidity, although they are so popular with the opposite sex, they’re not interested in sex,  and hardly reach orgasm.

However, women with round breasts can be very open sexually and even go extra mile to try new positions if they get the confidence from their partner.

They are very attractive without being massive, although she is self-confident sharp minded and hardworking, yet still do not tend to help husbands in their career, but rather dedicated to the nuclear family.

Triangular Breast

These women are not loyal, and may have several sex partners. They always break the forbidden rules and are mainly the manufacture of extramarital affairs. These women often become great actresses or hookers.

Very open-minded and profit from plenty of sensuality. Sometimes everything seems to do without making an effort and get what they want rapidly


Small Breast (Cherry Shape Breast)

These types of breast indicate excited women. They are fun-loving, clever but always hides their real intentions. They don’t fantasize about sex but always ready to carry out their partner’s sex fantasies.

Pear Shaped Breast

Tends to be heavily endowed, very independent and always willing to fight for what they want. This kind of woman want to be on top of anything they do, because they are strong minded, can drive you crazy in bed too.

Curved Breast

These women don’t usually get high positions as far as business is concern, but very industrious.

They are the kind of wives every man dream of, very faithful, good in bed and a good housewife.

Grape Shape Breast

She looks like a very strong sex Desirer, but on the other hand she lacks the enthusiasm. Simple and shy in reality. She may love her partner, but considerate and gentle than sexual desire

Lemon Shaped Breast

These women are always full of fun, very lively, unique and outstanding.

They love life but undervaluing their self, upon all that they live a harmless and peaceful life.

Oval Shaped Breast

The oval breast types of women are very smart. Though generally have their own occupation, she still be very romantic. They are very faithful too, Just win her heart and she will be with you alone.

Full Breasted

These kinds of women are proud of their breasts because it shows evident of femininity.

They look like the dominating type (in bed), but rather lacking a whole lot. Do not move and do not give interest, considering that the man should do all the work.

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