Brandon Crawford: High school freshman, football player identified among those killed in Bartow County crash on I-75

Brandon Crawford: High school freshman, football player identified among those killed in Barto

The Bartow County School System is saddened by the passing of Brandon Crawford, a student who lost his life in a tragic multi-vehicle accident on I-75.

The incident occurred on I-75 southbound near Red Top Mountain Road, resulting in the deaths of four individuals and injuries to five others.

Brandon Crawford, a 15-year-old student, was one of the victims of the crash. The Bartow County coroner’s report revealed that Crawford was in the same vehicle as Dakarai Mason, 43, and Erin Mason, 35, who also lost their lives. Aimee Odom, 21, was another victim of the accident, but she was in a separate vehicle.

The Bartow County School District provided an update on Monday, stating that Crawford was a freshman at Cass High School and was a member of the football team as an offensive lineman.

Additionally, the 15-year-old was enrolled in honors courses as part of the International Studies Magnet Program at the high school.

“Students and staff say his ‘energy, larger-than-life smile, laugh, and infectious personality’ made Brandon a standout at Hamilton Crossing Elementary School, Cass Middle School, and CHS,” the school district wrote in a social media post.

“He was an absolute joy to be around,” CHS Counselor Andrew Griffin added. “He was such a benefit and blessing to our school.”

The school district said extra counselors and support will be provided for anyone who may need it throughout the week.

Written by K Oteng

K.Oteng is a reporter and editor for based in Accra-Ghana

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