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Bio Digester Costs And Prices In Ghana 2020
Bio Digester Costs And Prices In Ghana 2020

What Is Bio Digester

Bio digester is a system that utilizes organic waste, particularly animal and human excreta, to produce fertilizer and biogas.

A biodigester consists of an airtight, high-density polyethylene container within which excreta diluted in water flow continuously and are fermented by microorganisms present in the waste.

The fermentation process is anaerobic, i.e., it takes place without oxygen, and the bacteria responsible for decomposition are methanogenic (i.e., they produce methane, also known as biogas).

The processed manure is an organic, pathogen-free fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The products are primarily for self-consumption on farms.

How does bio-digester work?

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Bio-digesters have 3 anaerobic chambers that treat Human wastes effectively, and don’t require any cleaning or emptying the tank because of its unique systematic structural arrangements.

To start with the very first chamber, the Human wastes arrive from the toilet’s outlet, consequently the solids drop to the bottom of the tank because of the systematic structure of the bio-digester tank and the high graded pre residing bacteria (i.e. anaerobic bacteria, which can survive in the absence of oxygen) rushes for their job (i.e. eating away organic waste and decomposing entire occurring pathogens).

When this chamber is filled, the water overflows to the second chamber where more of the same happens, except at this time most of the biological/solid/sludged matter has been left in the first chamber.

When the water overflows into the third chamber, it is almost 90% clean and hence the final stage of digestion takes place.

The treatment, the task of cleansing water is continuously carried forward from the start to the endpoint, till the water exits the bio-digester.

When the treated water finally comes out from the bio-digester and into our irrigation pipelines (optional if required), it is 98% clean and free from entire pathogens.

This water is now safe to be used for underground irrigation via pipes buried below the surface. However, the treated water should not be used for human or animal consumption, or for household cleaning without going through additional treatment.

Bio Digester Costs And Prices In Ghana

The cost and pricing of bio digesters in Ghana have become a tussle point for some homeowners interested in digester waste toilet construction.

The costs and prices of bio digester in Ghana ranges from 1,000 – 3,000 for a 1,2,3, bedroom houses with a standard family size of up to 8 people.

How Do Bio Digester Toilets Work

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