Exclusive Interview: Actress Benedicta Gafah Talks About Her New Self Produced Movie, Her Soon To Be Inspirational Talk Show & Other Things

Benedicta Gafah Interview
Benedicta Gafah Interview

Benedicta Gafah Interview

When she started out as an actress almost four years ago, not too many thought she would stand the test of time.

Not that she was lacking in talent, but she cut across as one who may fall short of patience and determination to go all the way.

Toady the Kumawood first lady has proven them wrong.

She has continued to establish herself firmly as one of Ghana’s biggest movie actress , having picked several awards including Discovery of the year and the Most Promising Star awards at the Kumawood and Akoben Movie Awards 2013.

The sultry actress who has  been nominated at this year’s City People Entertainment Awards 2015 as Most Promising Actress of the year joined the industry in 2010, with lots of movies to her credit, both the English and Twi genre.

Benedicta Gafah Interview
Benedicta Gafah Interview

In this new interview with, the Kumawood star opened up on virtually everything you’ve been dying to know about.

Read excerpts of Benedicta Gafah Interview unedited below:

GhLinks : What are you currently working on?

Benedicta Gafah : About to release a movie I produced and also working on my GAFAH NEEDY FOUNDATION which is aimed at Helping the Needy and the Aged . I’m also working on a short minute Youtube inspirational Talk “Time with Benedicta​”

GhLinks : Which has been your biggest movie so far?

Benedicta Gafah : Azonto Ghost

GhLinks : What has been your biggest challenge so far?


Benedicta Gafah : People Mistake the “Wild” Character I play in Movies to be to be my real Character and deep down it really hurts.

GhLinks : How do you get into character when you see scripts?

Benedicta Gafah : I do a lot of research about the role I’m playing and put myself into character.

GhLinks:Who is your biggest inspiration in acting?

Benedicta Gafah: Angelina Jolie. I love her Courage and Charisma.

GhLinks: Can you act nude for One million dollars?

Benedicta Gafah: NO…In everyting my Dignity first

GhLinks:What has been your most embarrassing moment so far?

Benedicta Gafah Interview
Benedicta Gafah Interview

Benedicta Gafah : The wrong Publication that said I slept with a married man and that which also said I’m much more prettier than McBrown. I admire Mcbrown and I believe everybody is beautiful.

GhLinks:What’s your view on s*x before marriage?

Benedicta Gafah: It’s not easy to abstain from S*x especially when you are in a relationship but Biblically the Right way is No S*x before Marriage and since Im religious person I will suggest no s*x before marriage

GhLinks: Are you dating?

Benedicta Gafah: Yes but Complicated

GhLinks: Has anyone ever told you to date him for a role?

Benedicta Gafah :None that I remember of.

GhLinks: What is your success secret as an actress?

Benedicta Gafah : Prayer,Research and Hardwork

GhLinks: Why did you choose to become an actress?

Benedicta Gafah : It’s my Passion

GhLinks: Are you done with school?

Benedicta Gafah : No

GhLinks: If you are to take one male celebrity as a husband, who among all the celebrities would you prefer as a husband?

Benedicta Gafah: Pastor Benny Hinn

GhLinks: What more should people expect from you?

Benedicta Gafah: Acting and Producing more quality movies and Giving back to the Society.

If you want to know more about  Benedicta Gafah  and what she is up to, follow her on:

Facebook:Benedicta Gafah

Instagram: @empress_dictabee


Written by Eugene Nyavor

Eugene Nyavor is the Founding Editor at Gh Links.

Reach me via Email: [email protected]


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