Who is Azriel Clary? age, career, marriage, net worth & other facts

Azriel Clary
Azriel Clary

She is beautiful and gorgeous. She is also a good singer, obviously very good at what she does.

Her popularity however hasn’t been because of the above descriptions we’ve given to her above.

She has been in the news because of her relationship with R&B singer R Kelly who is currently serving a jail term for sexual assault conducted on minors.

In this article we take a look at Azriel Clary.

Let’s know her biography, age, net worth and every other thing she’s been up to for a while now.

Who is Azriel Clary?

Azriel Clary is an American singer born in Orlando, Florida to Alice and Angelo Clary.

She showed interest in singing at a very young age and made it evident that it was what she wanted to pursue in life.

It is known that she attended high school, even though we currently don’t have any records of the exact high school she attended.

There is also very little information about she had other siblings.

Due to her love for singing, she had the chance to meet American singer R Kelly at the age of sixteen and moved in with him afterwards to pursue her dream of becoming a singer.

Her popularity has been based on her relationship with the R&B singer and everything that transpired between them. 

She has been in court accusing the singer of both physical and sexual assault.

She is one of the women who came out to accuse the jailed singer of assault. According to certain reports, she prevented from seeing her parents for four years whiles she was involved with the singer.

This affected her relationship with her parents greatly as they were not on talking terms.

How old is Azriel Clary?

Azriel was born on december 30th, 1998.

Therefore, at the time of writing this article she is twenty-four years of age.

For a lady her age, she has been described as nothing less than a beauty which she is.

Is Azriel Clary married?

Azriel Clary is currently not known to have any relationships. She is therefore single.

She has been in a relationship with R Kelly at an early age of seventeen, a relationship that messed her relationship with her parents for a long while.

How much is Azriel Clary worth?

At the time of writing this article, she is worth about 500,000 dollars.

It is however an unconfirmed figure.

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