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Azalea Rivas: What happened at Brooklyn New York Avenue Little Haiti?

Azalea Rivas: Brooklyn New York Avenue Little Haiti
Azalea Rivas: Brooklyn New York Avenue Little Haiti

Azalea Rivas, a 37-year-old woman, and her 14-year-old daughter, whose name has not been disclosed, were discovered deceased in a New York City apartment on Monday afternoon, accompanied by their family pet, a poodle/terrier mix.

Shockingly, the dog was found with a bag covering its head.

Their lifeless bodies were found at a residence on Brooklyn’s New York Avenue in Little Haiti, reportedly by a concerned family friend who lives in the building.

Dispatchers responded to the 911 call at about 2:33pm and can be heard saying the apartment had ‘blood everywhere’ and that the victims had been missing since Friday.

On Monday, family friends said the victims Azalea Rivas and her unnamed 14-year-old daughter, both lived at the residence, along with their pet poodle/terrier mix.

Police sources further told NBC 4 the dog had a bag over its head, while a statement from the NYPD said the 37-year-old was found face-up in the living room with a slash across her face, while the teen was found face down with unspecified head injuries.

Police in the 67th Precinct are currently probing what led to their deaths.

Two females at the location, unconscious; blood is everywhere… they’ve been missing since Friday,’ the dispatcher is heard warning cops in the frantic call, which was recorded around 2:45pm and has since been shared on the Citizen App.

Both victims, sources said, were already dead – with the adult having sustained the stab wound and the girl having undergone ‘severe head trauma.’

Next to the girl, in a bedroom, was the family dog – found lifeless with a plastic bag over its head – apparently suffocated.

Accounts from those familiar with the investigation – as well as neighbors who reportedly heard a commotion coming from the apartment on Friday – indicate all of the victims, including the canine, had been dead for days.

According to a report from The Daily News, a downstairs neighbor was startled awake around 7:20am Friday to the sounds of blood-curdling screams and a dog whimpering.

‘We got woken up by loud banging and screaming,’ Steve Schor, 38, told the paper Monday, as police remained stationed outside the building near Avenue D in East Flatbush.

‘We called 911 and the police came. When they went upstairs, no one answered. All they heard was loud music,’ he added, while revealing the woman and girl had only been living at the apartment building for a few weeks.

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