Association of Louzolu ‘Amour’ OPH Marks The Celebration of Thanksgiving To OPH Seboath In Accra

Louzolu ‘Amour’ OPH

The Association of Louzolu ‘Amour’ OPH has held 3-day festivities to mark the ‘celebration of Thanksgiving to OPH Seboath; in Accra.

The festivities which also represented the introduction of the association in Ghana was held from 29th August, 2019 to 1st September, 2019 at Alajo 1&2 Primary School at Alajo, a suburb of Accra.

The festivities commenced with the arrival of pilgrims on Thursday 29th August, 2019, then to the parade and implementation of the Flag of the ‘Association Louzolu Amour OPH’ and the Ghanaian Flag on Friday 30th August, 2019. It was continued with the reception of authorities and distinguished guests as well as a press conference on Saturday, 31st August, 2019 and climaxed with the end of festivities on Sunday 1st, September, 2019.

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About the Association of Louzolu Amour OPH

The ‘Association of Louzolu Amour OPH’ is a charity association of a spiritual nature created by Mr. Guy Emile Loufoua Cetikouabo, Grand master of OPH on April 15th, 1983 in Congo Brazzaville, Congo.

The association comprises mainly of members from Frnch speaking countries likw Congo, Gabon, La Cote D’Ivoire, etc.

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Among its numerous philosophies, the main objective of the association as foreseen by its founder and president, Mr Guy Emile Loufoua Cetikouabo is to teach the truth concerning creation and, the Holy Trinity (God The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit), the real natur of God and the true descendants of the city of Jerusalem, God’s chosen city and people.

According to the Association, God is black and is from Africa and that He created the whole world as well as humans. Also, God has got a body and revealed himself to the founder when he appeared to him on Sunday November 30th, 2003.

They also argue that the Garden of Eden is located in Africa and that the first humans created, Adm and Eve were blacks from Africa. According to them, the first fossils of man was found in Tanzania and Ethiopia certifies the claims of mankind being black.

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The association also teaches that their founder, Guy Emile Loufoua Cetikouabo is God’s chosen representative on Earth right now and is the Holy Spirit that is to come. They say he was born without an umbilical cord and survived a coma during his early years and as such, is a baby of prophecy.

They also teach that God has already implanted the Kingdom, New Jerusalem on Earth, more exactly on Mount Karikari since May 20th, 1992.

The association however seeks to establish that they are not here to condemn and be racists but stand for the truth which they teach and believe shall set man free during these last days.

Written by K Oteng

K.Oteng is a reporter and editor for based in Accra-Ghana

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