Anthony McRae: Michigan State University suspect identified ( Details )

Anthony McRae has been identified as the gunman who opened fire at Michigan State University, killing three people and critically injuring five others.

Officials do not know why 43-year-old Anthony McRae targeted the campus.

He was not a student or employee and had no affiliation with the university, according to campus police.

What happened?

The shooting began at 8:18 p.m. Monday night at an academic building known as Berkey Hall, and later moved to the nearby student union, a popular gathering spot for students to eat or study.

Police said the gunman, Anthony McRae started shooting in one building and snuck to the other, as officers started arriving and investigators pushed out the suspect’s photo.

A student inside the building where the first shots were fired said he did not get a good glimpse of the suspect.

“Right when that first gunshot went off, I booked it to the far corner of the class; I was sitting right next to the door, where he came in, literally one of the first two seats,” Dominik Molotky said. “He came in, and thank God my fight of flight response kicked in because I booked it to the other side of the class and ducked down, and he came in and shot three to four times in our classroom.”

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