Anthony Deon Fisher Jr: Suspect who shot Muskogee teenager ID

Anthony Deon Fisher Jr
Anthony Deon Fisher Jr

18-year-old James McNac III was shot and killed by Anthony Deon Fisher Jr on 7th September, 2023 and the family of the Muskogee teenager calling for the to turn himself in.

A warrant has been issued for the apprehension of 19-year-old Anthony Deon Fisher Jr., who also goes by the alias “Stoney.”

Fisher Jr. is the prime suspect in the shooting death of James McNac III.

James’s family said Fisher Jr. was a friend of his and are calling for justice.

Family of Muskogee teenager shot and killed calls for killer to turn himself in
James McNac III

James McNac III was know as “Little James.”

His dad, James McNac, is known as “Big James,” who said he’s searching for answers over his son’s death.

“Left him laying there in the front yard to die I just don’t understand it,” he said.

McNac said his son was a senior at Muskogee High School, was a funny kind, loved motorcycles, and was about to be a dad.

“He’d make you smile guaranteed, he’d make you smile and laugh,” he said.

“Oh man he was one heck of a kid he really was and he was going to be one hell of a father,” McNac said.

Police say James was shot at a house in a neighborhood near East Hancock and South York Street on Sept. 7.

Anthony Deon Fisher Jr: Suspect who shot Muskogee teenager ID
Anthony Deon Fisher Jr: Suspect who shot Muskogee teenager ID

The warrant says Fisher Jr. shot James with a firearm multiple times.

His family said he was rushed to St. John Hospital in Tulsa but died on the way.

McNac said his son and Fisher Jr. were friends and even called each other brothers.

“He’s come here a thousand times or better like he’s spent many many nights here like they’ve been friends for a long time,” he said. “I don’t understand what could have persuaded him or why would he even consider doing such a thing to somebody who’s supposed to be so close him.”

“It’s not his brother they called each other that because that’s how close my son thought they were, turns out they weren’t that close at all,” he said.

McNac said James had gone to the house to try to settle an argument between Fisher Jr. and another friend.

“The minute he pulled up he got out of the car that boy shot him down,” he said.

McNac said the family are left surrounded by memories and pictures of James.

He said they’re calling for Fisher Jr. to turn himself in.

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