Anthony Cirigliano: Michigan family of 4 missing after father calls 911 asking for police protection

Anthony Cirigliano
Anthony Cirigliano

A Michigan family of four disappeared Sunday—taking the family car but leaving behind their pet and a family member suffering from dementia and in need of full-time care—after the father made a call to 911 displaying paranoid behaviors, according to state police.

Anthony Cirigliano and Suzette Cirigliano, both 51, and their two sons, Brandon, 19, and Noah, 15, disappeared Sunday and are believed to be in a silver 2005 Toyota Sienna minivan, authorities said.

Mystery has shrouded the case after it emerged that on the night before they disappeared, Anthony had called 911 in distress about a 9/11 conspiracy theory and was ‘paranoid’ about the FBI and CIA.

Anthony Cirigliano works in finance, and Suzette had been caring for her elderly mother, who suffers from dementia.

On Monday, the elderly mother was found wandering the streets of their Fremont neighborhood, which is about 45 miles north of Grand Rapids.

Anthony Cirigliano

Officers only discovered that the family were missing when they found Suzette’s elderly mother, who suffers from dementia and is cared for by Suzette, was found wandering the streets of Fremont confused and alone, reports Fox News.

When the police took Suzette’s mother back to the family home, they discovered the parents and their two sons were missing.

Police have since searched the family’s home and found Suzette and the two teenager’s phones there.

The couple have not used their credit cards and there has been no activity on their bank accounts, while Antony’s phone has been turned off, police said.

‘We’re just very concerned,’ Fremont police department chief Tim Rodwell said. ‘The circumstances are strange.’

The family appeared to have left abruptly as they had not made any arrangements for Suzette’s elderly mother, who is now in the care of another relative.

The night before they disappeared, Anthony had called 911 in distress.

‘Anthony was complaining of some elaborate issue in regard to the Sept. 11 attack,’ Rodwell said.

‘He was displaying to my officers paranoia and some concerns in regard to the FBI and CIA.’ 

Two police officers went to their family home that night and spoke to Anthony for 45 minutes, police said.

They also spoke to Suzette to make sure she was safe.

But the police officers determined from the visit that the family were not in imminent danger.

Police continue searching for family

Police do not know if the family is still in Michigan, somewhere in the Midwest or somewhere else. They hope the family will see news reports and contact police or their family.

Name Height Weight Other
Tony Cirigliano 5′6′’ 180 lbs Brown hair, clean-shaven
Suzette Cirigliano 5′9′’ 120 lbs Blonde hair, glasses
Brandon Cirigliano 5′8′’ 120 lbs Brown hair, brown eyes
Noah Cirigliano 5′6′’ 120 lbs Brown hair, brown eyes

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