Annie Cannon-Brookes: Biography, age, net worth & other facts about Mike Cannon-Brookes wife

Annie Cannon-Brookes
Annie Cannon-Brookes

 Mike Cannon-Brookes is without a doubt one of the richest men in Australia who has built a substantial fortune for his family.

 The achievements of Mike Cannon-Brookes often draw media attention to his wife, Annie Cannon-Brookes.

According to news reports, Mike Cannon-Brookes wife, Annie Cannon-Brookes has successfully purchased Dunk Island in Far North Queensland for $24 million with plans to overhaul the faded resort.

A spokesperson for Annie Cannon-Brookes said: “Annie has purchased the land with the intent to preserve its natural beauty for years to come”.

Due to her recent purchase of the Dunk Island for $24million, and the fact that she is known as the wife of Mike Cannon-Brookes, lots of people are interested in knowing more about her.

Who is Annie Cannon-Brookes?

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Annie Cannon-Brookes is an Australian fashion designer and the wife of  Mike Cannon-Brookes, an Australian billionaire and the co-founder of collaboration software firm Atlassian, based in Sydney.

A passionate fashion designer, Annie owns her own fashion label, House of Cannon, a brand dedicated to designing bold, bright and fun fashion with unique digital prints.

Currently, Annie is 33 years old, and her husband, Mike Cannon-Brookes, is 42.

As of right now, the pair has four children and are currently living in Centennial Park, which is in the southern suburbs of Sydney.


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 Net Worth 

It is unclear how much Annie Cannon-Brookes is worth, but her husband, Mike Cannon-Brookes, is estimated to be worth 18.2 billion.

 In 2018, they paid roughly A$100 million for Fairwater, Australia’s most expensive residence, located next door to Scott Farquhar’s A$71 million Point Piper harbourside estate.

In 2020, Annie Cannon-Brookes,  bought Dunk Island for more than$23.65 million to restore and preserve the island, which sits around a 10 minute boat ride from Mission Beach.

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