Andrew Grady: Moment Nascar driver punched rival in revenge for being flipped-off at Virginia speedway

Andrew Grady
Andrew Grady

Things got heated on the race track at Martinsville Speedway on Saturday as Andrew Grady punched a rival and kicked his car in revenge for being flipped-off.

Andrew Grady was seen throwing wild punches through the window of opponent Davey Callihan’s car after both drivers had pulled into the infield at the Martinsville Speedway Saturday.

Andrew Grady managed to pull down the window netting in Callihan’s car and threw haymaker after haymaker at his head.

After continuing on, Grady was picked up and hauled away by a bystander and calm prevailed.

Following the altercation, Grady gave his recollection of events, saying Callihan flipped him off when he went over to discuss what happened.

‘He flipped me off! So I started Mike Tyson-ing his head.,’ Grady told Racing America before adding a shrug and continuing.

‘End of the day, we were really, really good. Car was running fast. But man… you get these dumba**es that come in here and run with us, and they have no business running a late-model (car) much less a lawn mower.

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‘I mean… he wasn’t close, he dive-bombed me, he hooked me… and I wanted to talk to him and he flipped me off. So I started Mike Tyson-ing his head. You’re in a big-boy sport. When you wreck a man, you can take a grown-man a** whippin’ that’s how I feel about it.’

In his response, Callihan says he didn’t flip him off and that he was open to having a conversation with him.

‘It was for a transfer position at Martinsville. From my perspective, I was there. It was close. But you can’t give an inch for the transfer spot when there’s 95 cars and I had to take it. It was just hard racing. I do apologize to (Grady), but we’re fighting for our life out there so I just did what I had to do.

‘I never flipped anybody off. He just comes starts punching me inside the race car, so… I understand he’s frustrated, but again it’s for the transfer spot and we were just fighting for our life.’

Watch video below

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