And the top 5 Funniest Comedians in Ghana Are….

5 Funniest Comedians in Ghana
5 Funniest Comedians in Ghana

List of 5 Funniest Comedians in Ghana

We are indeed blessed with some of the most outstanding comedy in the world and our comedians have become household names across Africa and beyond.

These comedians have even become rich in their activities beyond their wildest dreams following this newly found fame and fortune.

In tribute to one of Ghana’s best cultural exports, has put together a list of the top 5 Ghanaian comedians of all time.

Kwaku Sintim Misa

Kwaku Sintim Misa
Kwaku Sintim Misa – Comedians in Ghana

KSM as he is affectionately called all over the country, is undoubtedly the nations top comedy act, he is the king of comedy. With his satiric concept, he is the only comedian who has staged back- to-back shows in the country and enjoyed lots of success.

He is the host of Metro TV’s “Thank God It’s Friday” program and he also does acting on the side.

KSM has staged many shows in the country like, Saga of the returnees, Political Incorrect, Secrets of GH girls, the famous “Afia Serebor” where he played the character of a woman etc.

He holds our number 1 position as the king of GH comedy.

Funny Face

Funny Face
Funny Face – Comedians in Ghana

Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng widely known as Funny face has come a long way. Starting from when he used to perform at the Radio Gold supported “Toli Masters” show to performances on TV Africa’s “Sound Splash” program, to contesting in TV3’s “The Host” talent show, to ” Chorkor Trotro” which opened the doors for him.

Through his hard work ,the comedian now has comedy series dubbed “Cow and Chicken” telecasting on UTV with Bismark the Joke every Sundays. Funny face has really paid his dues. He now performs regularly both locally and internationally.

Today, if you ask about Gh comedy, I’m sure funny face’s name will be very prominent in the responses. Funny face now headlines and MC’s major shows in Ghana. To top it all, he is the only comedian to drive a Range Rover in Ghana……bee kpoo, kpaa…lol. I rate him second in GH comedy.


DKB – Comedians in Ghana

DKB a.k.a Vim yaazo is probably known for his Big Brother African scandal more than comedy. He once hosted ” Boys Boys” on Viasat1, DKB has improved on his stand up act.

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He has graced a couple of shows in the country and has made a good account of himself.

He has also staged a couple of comedy shows with his friends. DKB is also a regular performer on the “Corporate Comedy Series” show and was a part of the “Comedy Fiesta”. He also performed on the “Citizen Kofi Comedy show”.

Even though he still has a lot of polishing to do, I believe he is worthy to be in my top 5 comedy acts in Gh, as my number three. Can’t wait to watch his performance at the MUSIGA GRAND BALL on Saturday.

Foster Romanus

Foster Romanus
Foster Romanus – Comedians in Ghana

Foster is obviously the most under- rated comedian in this country but he has a lot of talent. You just have to watch him perform and you’ll love him. Foster was also part of stars of the future but he placed 2nd to David Oscar. Being friends, he’s been a part of any initiative of David’s, he was a regular performer on David’s, ” Laugh a Minute” show and also part of the “Corporate Comedy Series” road show.

He also featured on the “Comedy Fiesta” show and has performed on a couple of major comedy shows in the country and also starred in some comedy series TV.

I believe if he stays the way he is progressing, he will stake over Gh comedy in couple of years.

Bismark the joke

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Comedians in Ghana

Bismark the joke, popularly known by his comic acts, but his real name is Bismarck Nii Odoi. I believe you might have seen him in some movies and of course short clips on social media. He is the latest comic actor/comedian to grace the screens of Ghanaians.

Bismarck has probably featured in so many movies and series in Ghana, like the popularly watched Tv series on UTV “Cow and Chicken” with funny face as the lead character. He has also acted on Viasat1 TV series “James Town Fisherman” which is telecast on Sundays 5:30pm.

Written by Eugene Nyavor

Eugene Nyavor is the Founding Editor at Gh Links.

Reach me via Email: [email protected]

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