Analisa Terrazas San Antonio: Influencer’s concerning post about Savannah Soto

Analisa Terrazas
Analisa Terrazas

While authorities diligently pursue leads in the ongoing investigation into the tragic deaths of Savannah Soto and Matthew Guerra, social media has erupted with speculative discussions regarding the involvement of social media figure Analisa Terrazas and her partner.

A social media user took a screenshot from the influencer’s IG post where she appeared to deride the deceased, suggesting they deserved what happened to them.

In the post, the influencer alluded to a feud she and her boyfriend had with the dead couple.

Speculations intensified after netizens began comparing ring camera footage from the past that showed Analisa Terrazas’s boyfriend to a recently released surveillance footage of a vehicle with two persons of interest inside, suggesting there was a resemblance.

However, it is essential to note the duo are not under investigation for Soto’s death, which has been deemed a homicide.

However, that did not stop social media users from going down a rabbit hole trying to connect the influencer and her boyfriend with the young couple’s death.

Influencer Analisa Terrazas’ concerning post about Savannah Soto explored

Savannah Soto and her boyfriend, Matthew Guerra, reportedly disappeared on Friday, December 22, 2023.

Concerns were raised after Savannah, who was scheduled for induced labor over the weekend, failed to show up to meet her family at the hospital.

The couple, last seen getting into their car at her home in Valencia Lofts apartments off Grissom Road in Leon Valley, was found dead four days later inside a vehicle in the parking lot of an apartment complex in northwest San Antonio.

While police have initiated a capital murder investigation in connection to the young couple’s murder, online sleuths appear to have launched their inquiry based on wild speculation.

Social media influencer Analisa Terrazas and her boyfriend have found themselves the subject of an online discourse concerning Savannah Soto’s case.

Analisa Terrazas was dragged into Soto’s case after social media users shared posts where the influencer seemingly appeared gleeful after Soto and her boyfriend were found dead.

One of her captions on an IG story posted alongside Soto and Guerra’s picture read,

“Hmm, ain’t Karma a b*tch. My baby daddy done b**ched this n***a out and she shordy isn’t want smoke wimmmee.”

Influencer speaks out amid online speculation

In the wake of the backlash, Analisa Terrazas took to IG and defended her earlier statement, saying she was referencing an incident that happened in October at a nail salon and has nothing to do with Savannah Soto’s murder.

Analisa added that she left the nail salon without fighting Soto in October after discovering she was pregnant.

The influencer continued saying despite her dislike for the couple, she didn’t want the pregnant teen to die.

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