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A strategy is only as good as the vision that guides it. A quote, that emanates true leadership, as an individual with the vision of a particular objective.

Over the years, I have had the privilege to work with numerous individuals whom at one point where considered as leaders of the masses. However one of which stood out among the bunch. A personal friend and brother who defined the perception of entertainment and branded it in a unique way.

Seeing him from afar I perceived him as just a mere individual who had a unique style and ability, but as time and destiny defined the odds of getting closer to him in person I realized that, the spirit and style that drives him is not that of a mere individual but that of a true leader, brother, friend and entrepreneur.

Time after time he always had something new to offer and on various counts rebranded and created ideologies of others and that of his respectively. His sense of fashion and style did not catch me by surprise as at the moment he became CEO of the IKEZ clothing. Why such success on his part, because I do believe he is a person who carries vision. A vision that does not draw the line only to his advantage but to many who live in similarity to his vision and ideas.

Every effort recounted on his part always involved others, so that in the line of action all might succeed. To carry vision as a leader is to possess the ability of the end results of your actions and inactions. Such qualities Isaac Opoku who happens to be nominated for the most influential student in entrepreneur category possesses. It always comes to a point in which an individual must be acknowledged for his or her hard work.

From the lifting up of the image of his Alma Mata, to the building up of a legacy which stands as a great motivation for our generation. As it is said that Columbus did not seek a new route to the Indies in response to a majority directive but in response to a personal initiative.

A personal initiative that has led to numerous achievements deserving of its nomination and recognition. Currently he is the CEO of Ikez Multimedia, CEO of Ikez clothing; which is a registered brand with recognitions across the continent and endorsements from some prominent celebrities in Ghana, Brand Manager for Viva Ghana Online Magazine Company, COO for FTN Motors.

In a quick flash back of whom he is and what he stands for, I can boldly say that his achievements were never kept for himself and only to his honor but to all who stood for positive change and qualitative dynamism. Therefore, as a community of great a number of intellectuals let us opt for a true representation of our interest and values.

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