Amy Kate Budd: Bio, Age, Family, Facts about Ted Budd Wife

Amy Kate Budd: Bio, Age, Family, Facts about Ted Budd Wife
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Amy Kate Budd is married to Congressman Ted Budd, a Republican who has been representing North Carolina’s 13th district in the U.S. House.

Ted Budd has served as a congressman for five years and is the only Republican to receive the endorsement of former president Donald Trump.

Ted sits on the Financial Services Committee, where he uses his real world experience to roll back the restrictive regulations that strangle job creation in our country.

He holds an MBA from Wake Forest University and a Masters of Theology and Educational Leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary.

In light of the fact that Ted Budd is running to represent the Republican Party in the US Senate race in North Carolina in 2022, there is a lot of interest in finding out who his wife is and the number of children he has.

Who is Ted Budd Wife, Amy Kate Budd?

Ted Budd Wife, Amy Kate Budd
Ted Budd with wife, Amy Kate Budd

Ted Budd has been married to his wife, Amy Kate Budd , for almost two decades.

Amy Kate and her husband Ted both earned Masters degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary to acquire a Biblical lens for all of life.

Her age will be between the ages of 40 and 50 years old.

They have three children together.

Amy Kate Budd stays out of the limelight and lives a relatively low-key life despite her husband being a prominent congressman.

In 1991, Ted and Amy Kate met in Moscow during a Campus Crusade (Cru) mission trip with 400 other students.

Two years later, after Ted graduated from Appalachian State and Amy Kate from Marshall University, they were married locally by Ted’s Moravian pastor and then moved to Texas, where they both enrolled in Dallas Theological Seminary.

When they saw each other again in the United States, he asked her out to ride motorcycles and the rest is history.

They still enjoy mission trips and continue to serve in their church.

Ted is committed to strengthening the family and recognizes the cultural battle we face to protect it. He’s a proud Eagle Scout Dad and served as an Assistant Scoutmaster.

Ted Budd with his wife, Amy Kate Budd and children
Ted Budd with his wife, Amy Kate Budd and children

He and Amy Kate homeschooled their three children, and Ted served as a board member of North Carolinians for Home Education.

In reflecting on challenges in their 20-year marriage, Ted says, “It’s not one event that was hard. It’s the grind of life that draws your focus from each other.”

Amy Kate agrees but adds that “learning to communicate in new phases and ages of life” has been one of her biggest hurdles. They both credit their strong faith in God as key ingredients to keeping their marriage on a solid foundation.

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