All The Things Men Do That Show They Are Ready To Settle Down

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Men can be complicated at times, especially when it comes to hiding their emotions but any person that is discerning enough can know what they are hiding behind the facade.

As a matter of fact, sometimes when women turn up the heat of romance, we sometimes bounce between simmering and lukewarm with no apparent logic. Some days men can be so expressive and the next it could seem like we feel nothing at all.

Truth is, when it comes to the early stages of love, the signals are rarely clear. At some point, you just know, but soon enough after weeks, Months, or even years when it becomes hard to tell what exactly your guy is feeling.

To help clear up the confusion, here is cheat sheet to help guide you. While not one signal tells you everything you need to know, but when put together, it could form a basis of determining how your man feels.

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You’re Listed As An Emergency Contact
Emergencies are no jokes and when he actually goes ahead to fill your name in a form as an emergency contact, he is definitely banking on the fact that you’re not going to leave him stranded in the hospital or any other place that requires a close person to appear.

He Knows Much About You
You’re stuck wondering how he got to know that your mom enjoys eating a particular dish and who told him the particular kind of beer your dad can’t stop drinking. The simple truth is you’ve been cut out of the conversation! But there is nothing to fear —it’s a good thing. He’s starting to view your family like his own.

He Cares For The Pets
Do you think he wants to be stuck holding the leash on his own, he definitely doesn’t. Pet parenting is just a one step away from real parenting. He is surely preparing for the big one.

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He Takes You Everywhere
Whether he’s talking about a big vacation or begging you to accompany him to a friend’s wedding, if it’s far out on the calendar, he’s definitely thinking about your relationship in the future tense.

He Let’s You In On His Childhood Memories
This is generally an incredibly awkward encounter for men to share, and no sane man would subject himself to the embarrassing childhood stories and unrelenting relationship questions if it weren’t building toward some greater good.

He Wants You Closer
It could be he just made a comment in passing about how he thinks his house needs a second garage. Chances are this means he’s thought about it before. Again, this is not a decision that can be quickly undone. He surely is thinking long-term.

You Know All His Passwords
How much money does he have in his savings account? What’s the login PIN he uses for his iPhone? What’s his Netflix password? While all these details may not be sexy, if he seems generally unworried about sharing his administrative data with you, then you definitely have his trust.

All His Friends Are Married
The truth is, a man’s impulse to marry is often timed to something you his partner has no control over, and that is his phase in life. That’s especially tricky if you’re ready to settle down and he’s not.

If you’re not sure, look at his friends. Are they getting married? Because more often than not, men are in the same general phase of life with their friends.

He Always Wants To Spend Time With You
Because sometimes the only person he wants to see is already sitting right there next to him.

Written by Eugene Nyavor

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