Aliza Jane: Full details of instagram model who claimed Kanye West asked her to TWERK NAKED for Future and friends

Aliza Jane

American Instagram model, Aliza Jane, has recently revealed that Kanye West was her New Year’s Eve kiss in an interview.

The curvy instagram model who goes by the name @sheagreekfreak on a private Instagram account, made an appearance on ‘Sofia with an F’ podcast, where she made the wild claim.

According Aliza Jane, she had a meeting with the 45-year-old American rapper & singer in Miami after which he went to Los Angeles.

However, when West was back in Miami, he called her and asked her to come meet him at Future’s home.

“I met him that night, got his number, he like went back to LA and the next time he was in Miami he was like ‘come over to Future’s house like we’re in the studio.’ So I go there pulling up, cause like they’re in the studio I want to see them make music and I want to show him my music,” she reportedly revealed on the podcast.

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Jane went on to say, “He literally has me come in the studio and get butt a** naked and just like twerk in front of him and all of his friends. He says ‘get naked’, and I was like ok,” before adding: “He was working on his album Donda 2 so like it was loud and I didn’t want to be like…just want to be a fly on the wall.”

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The Instagram model has often been trending online after name-dropping several A-listers and musicians in the past.

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