Alicia di Tullio: How a thief’s wife called the police and turned in her husband.

Alicia di Tullio
Alicia di Tullio

On January 13, 2006, a gang of six robbers camouflaged as civilians, but armed, entered the Banco Río branch in the Buenos Aires town of Acassuso.

Planned by Fernando Araujo, the trick was to conceal an “express” mode theft and have no way out when, in reality, they planned their escape through a tunnel that they themselves made and which led to a drain.

The day of the robbery, after two years of meticulous planning, the heist went off without a hitch.

While the robbers upstairs were keeping police and the media busy, Bolster had broken into the bank’s basement and given himself and the rest of the crew a strict two-hour time limit to take what they could from the safe deposit boxes before the entire team would disappear back down the tunnel, load the money into inflatable rafts and make a getaway to a nearby manhole where Zalloecheverría was waiting with a getaway vehicle.

Before leaving, Beto de la Torre instructed the hostages to all turn away and told them he’d be back in two minutes, but the robbers never returned and were long gone by the time police realized that they had been duped.

The team got away with more than $20 million.

The thieves were identified as Beto de la Torre, Fernando Araujo, Mario Vitette Sellanes, Sebastián and Bolster.

How Alicia di Tullio called the police and turned in her husband, Beto de la Torre

Alicia di Tullio
Alicia di Tullio

Five weeks after the heist, Beto noticed something amiss.

“I come back [home] one day and find my [stash] bag is out of place,” he says in the film. “I saw the stack of money had dropped, quite a bit.”

His wife, Alicia di Tullio, admitted to him that she had taken about $300,000 and some safety deposit loot from Beto without asking permission.

The two, who had been together 18 years, got into a blowout argument. Beto demanded she bring back what she taken immediately and left the house with his remaining loot in a huff. Furious, di Tullo called the police and turned in her husband.

The men realized their perfect plan had been thwarted.

Sellanes recalls the Doc calling him frantically, saying “De la Torre’s wife is going to turn us all in soon, she’s asking for each of us to pay her $300,000, if we won’t she’s gonna give us up.”

Beto, Bolster, Sellanes, Araujo and Zalloecheverría were all arrested and charged, with di Tullio serving as a confidential witness.

None of the men ended up serving the sentences in full and all are now free and celebrated for their notorious heist.

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