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Alex Beresford Parents: Father Noel And Mother

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Get to know Alex Beresford parents and his family background and upbringing in this short article.

Alex Beresford is a prominent British broadcaster and meteorologist known for his work at ITV.

The Bristol native has made quite a name for himself in the world of television.

In March 2022, he left his position at ITV West Country to embark on a new journey as the live weather presenter for the extended ITV Evening News.

Alex presents from the leading studios in London while occasionally reporting on the weather from various locations across the UK.

Beyond his meteorological career, he gained recognition for participating in the Celebrity Race Across the World with his father, Noel Beresford.

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Who Are Alex Beresford Parents?

Alex Beresford was born in Bristol, England, to his father, Noel Beresford, and his mother, whose name remains undisclosed.

The weather presenter is biracial, a reflection of his diverse heritage. His mother is British and of white ethnicity, while his father, Noel, hails from Guyana.

The ITV weather forecaster Alex Beresford shares a close-knit bond with his mom and dad. (Image Source: Page Six)

Alex spent his formative years in the Eastville area of Bristol, where his supportive and proud parents nurtured him.

However, it remains unclear if he has any siblings who share in the warmth of his family.

Alex is a devoted family man who values his relationship with his parents, spouse and loved ones. He has admitted that he loves spending time with them.

Alex Beresford’s parents must have played a pivotal role in shaping his life and supporting his career. Although there is not much information about his mother, she must be incrediably proud of Alex.

Their diverse backgrounds and adventurous spirit have clearly influenced Alex’s own zest for new experiences, as seen in their participation in Celebrity Race Across the World.

Alex Beresford And His Father Noel Are A Dynamic Duo

Alex Beresford and his father, Noel, decided to venture into the world of reality television by participating in the Celebrity Race Across the World 2023.

This decision was driven by their desire to break away from their routine lives and experience something entirely new and adventurous.

Alex Beresford and his father Noel Beresford (right) are on a quest for adventure, where they will encounter wonders and amazing things. (Image Source: RadioTimes)

When questioned by the BBC about their motivations for joining the show, Alex stated, “I thought it was a fantastic opportunity to do something that we’ve never done before.”

The broadcaster’s father added that neither of them has ever backpacked, so it’s a new experience to see some amazing places across continents and across countries.

Noel said they will see everything at ground level, so it will be completely different from flying over.

Noel Beresford shared his excitement for exploring new horizons, stating that he is “into exploring new things” and the series “seemed like a good opportunity to see all different cultures and how other people live.”

It’s interesting to note that Alex chose to embark on this adventure with his father, Noel, instead of his wife.

The weather guy explained this decision by saying, “You don’t get to spend this sort of time with your parents as an adult.”

He revealed that his wife was upset a bit as she loves traveling and enjoys the show while wondering if this was the honeymoon she’d want.

Nonetheless, through their journey, the father-son duo will explore new places and strengthen their bond, creating cherished memories along the way.

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