After sacrificing my womb for him to be rich, he dumped me and married my friend – Heartbroken lady shares

After sacrificing my womb for him to be rich, he dumped me and married my friend – Heartbroken lady shares

A 23-year-old Nigerian lady has narrated how she made a huge sacrifice for her fiancé only for him to dump her.

Sharing her story online, the young woman revealed how she unknowingly sacrificed her womb for him to be wealthy but he ended up jilting her and married her friend.

Read her story:

”Life has never been fair to me and love has brought me pain and sorrow. I’m presently a 23-year-old lady from Delta state, born into a polygamous home, where my father didn’t care about my mum, I and my other three siblings.

My mother was the one training us and since her finance was low. I could only finish my secondary school and had to learn a skill.

Immediately I finished secondary school, I met a guy and we started dating. He was the one who took my virginity i love him and he loved me too we dated for two years till he traveled abroad and that was when our communication started reducing till he no longer called me again.

I became single till I met this guy that put me in this worse condition I’m in presently. He was my senior in secondary school and we were kinda friends, I thought he was lovely and with a great personality, didn’t know he was pretending.

So after my boyfriend stopped calling me, he jumped in and was calling me, showing care and sending me money on weekends.

Little by little, we started dating, that’s was when I knew he was into fraud and convinced me to believe that internet fraud is the only way Africans can take back everything the white people stole from them.

As we got along, he was always complaining that he wasn’t making the money he really wanted and i was the one pacifying him to calm down that his time would come.

I was even praying for him because I had fallen deeply in love with him, and he was pretending to love me the same way.

One day, he told me he escorted one of his successful ‘business’ friends to a shrine and after the herbalist finished with him, he pointed to him that his girlfriend which happened to be ‘me’, has the key to unlock his success in his fraud business.

At first, I was astonished and surprised and asked how could i sit on my boyfriend’s success when if he became rich i too would enjoy it.

I told him I had no hand in him not making progress and tried to convince him that I couldn’t do such.

But he was just not convinced and said if i was really sure i wanted his progress which in turn was ours, i should follow him to the shrine.

I was worried and confused, I have never been to a shrine before because my mum trained us in a godly way and i had been lying to her that my boyfriend was a blogger but she usually had a suspicious feeling towards him and warned me to be careful of him but since I was bringing financial support from him, it helped in cooling her down.

I pondered on what my boyfriend said for four days and he was constantly telling me how it would change our future since money would never be our problem.

He also said with enough money my younger siblings could go to school to any level they wanted and i could also go or if I wish to open a big business. Any one I choose.

On the fifth day, I told him in the evening that I was ready, he screamed in excitement and was pouring encomiums on me, telling me if it went successful, we would be getting married in less than 6months.

The following day, we left in a chartered taxi to a village in Delta, we stopped by the waterside and entered a boat to another village.

We got to the village and we passed some bush paths till i saw a place decorated with different traditions objects and he pointed that that was the place.

We entered facing backward and met a shrinking middle aged man with rotten teeth, chewing a bitter cola.

I greeted him and was shocked when he mentioned my name and went on to summarize my family background.

He then had a secret conversation with my boyfriend and then asked me if i was ready for the sacrifice.

I was scared and asked what the sacrifice was, my boyfriend said it was nothing to be scared of, that it wouldn’t hurt me at all, by then the herbalist had already brought a big basin. He put a small calabash filled with herbs and stuffs, in the middle of the basin and pour water then added a yellow powder to the water.

He asked me to strip, I was baffled but my boyfriend begged me to just obey that it wouldn’t take long.

I did and he then told me the stand in the basin full of water and under the calabash while I was blindfolded.

That moment I noticed that sometime left me, like a weight and i slumped but was quickly resuscitated.

We left and went home, we got home and i felt sick for two days, but gradually became well again and he was by my side showing all the fake love for me.

The following week, I was at home when i got an alert of 500k from him I was confused i didn’t know where to start because our house rent was already due and our landlord has told my mum to pay or pack out.

I called him and he told me to use the money to buy recharge card that we are rich now

I quickly sent the required money to my mum to pay the rent and when my mum asked me where i got the rent money from I told her I told my boyfriend about the rent.

I immediately zoomed to see my boyfriend, he hugged me and started appreciating me for what i did for him.

He said one of his maga just paid him 10m and asked that we go enjoy ourselves.

He lodged in a hotel and from there we went for a new accommodation, he got one and started buying household furnitures. I told him why didn’t we invest some of the money before it finished but he shrugged off and said more was coming.

Two weeks later, it was my birthday and he organised a birthday for me and gifted me an iPhone, expensive clothes and shoes and the sum of another 500k. I was baffled, I couldn’t believe if it was a dream.

The next month, he informed me that his ‘maga’ paid him the sum of 75million and told me to come over.

I went there and he asked me what kind of business do i want to do, i told him let’s marry first but he said he wanted to establish me first before marriage, i told him and he opened a supermarket for me that consumed the sum of almost 8million.

On my part, I relocated my family and was training my young one in school and even my deadbeat father was trying to reach out to me but I ignored him.

I started my business and took it seriously and was always there but my boyfriend was busy at home and visited my shop occasionally.

Two months later, I started disturbing him again about getting married but he told me he was planning for it, the disturbance was much, so one day he came to my shop knelt down and engaged me while customers were there and gave me a surprise car keys to a Toyota Camry as gift.

I was elated and was now fully convinced that he was going to marry me.

A month later, a friend of mine inform me that it was like my fiancé is having an affair with another lady i knew, i didn’t believe her because my fiancé was a responsible man at least he was a homely guy and never hid his phone from me.

Soon after, he started behaving strange, he would leave home immediately i left for my shop and returned home when I’m about to come home and he wasn’t visiting me anymore like he used to and he was now giving a lot of excuses.

Till i caught him with said lady in a hotel and was very angry i couldn’t hold myself i fought with the lady for coming to reap where she did not sow.

The next day, my fiancé refused to come home. He switched off his line and when he came back online he told me he wasn’t interested in me anymore, i was mad and asked him after all what I did for you. He replied me that i had also benefitted from the money made.

I tried to find out where he was till a friend of his secretly told me he has traveled to Ghana and with that same lady, i fought with and even told me that he had done marriage introduction for the lady.

I was heartbroken, I tried to reach him on his social handles but he blocked me.

I opened another Facebook account and threatened him if he didn’t rescind on his decision, i would go to the herbalist and reversed his fortune, he said I was free to do what I like.

Out of anger, I went to the herbalist’s shrine after we last visited there 2years ago. After some explanation the herbalist remembered me and I told him everything my fiancé had done and demanded that he reversed the fortune of my fiancé and make him very poor.

He shook his head and said the sacrifice can’t be reversed, as he revealed to me that it was my womb I sacrificed for him to be wealthy and therefore I would remain barren for the rest of my life and he would be using it to get more wealth.

I collapsed and had to be brought back before I was able to go back home.

I was admitted in the hospital for weeks after I recovered a little, I sent him a message of what the herbalist told me, and he said but I benefitted from it and had to apologise that he couldn’t marry me because he knew i wouldn’t be able to bear children.

Now I’m hopeless, I have closed my business for over two months now and life has become tasteless for me.

Two weeks ago, they got married and posted the photos on the internet and it brought me to tears, I couldn’t believe a day like this would come when a lady that knew nothing would be benefiting for the sacrifice of my womb.

I’m at the verge of hopelessness and life is no longer interesting for me.”

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