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For every women breast form an important part of their body, that helps creating a feminine appeal. Also when you grow old and become mother, your breast milk is the only source of food and medicine to your child. Your child would entirely depend on your breast milk. Thus, it is always important to keep your breast healthy and sound.

Wearing the wrong size of bra can make your breast highly affected and can give rise to variety of health issues. We will be discussing about the physical and healthy issues that can affect an individual wearing the wrong bra.

Most women pick up bras that look fancy and smart. Lace, net and underwire bras are tempting to the eyes, but it is more important to pick up the right bra size. All womenmust be aware of the side effects on health of wearing a wrong bra.

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Wearing the wrong bra size can lead to many health problems. If one finds the bra lose or tight it is an indication that the size needs to be changed. Loose fitting bras or bras that have lost their elasticity after washing can damage the size and shape of the breasts. You must take corrective action at once.

Health effects and risks of wearing the wrong bra size

Shapeless form

Many women wear the wrong bra size without giving it a second thought. After all, if they were measured few years ago in a departmental store or when they might have tailored something for a wedding or an occasion then why worry? But the truth of the matter is that wearing the wrong bra size can lead to many health problems.

When you wear an ill-fitted bra, you will not have the sleek, elegant look that you desire. Instead, your whole form or bust will look shapeless and unattractive. An ill-fitting bra will also draw unnecessary attention to the bust area.

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Scarred breasts
Wearing the wrong bra size can cause scarring underneath or on each side of the breasts, which is not immediately noticeable. But over time, a bra that is far too tight will end up creating a scarring effect, where the bra has dug into the flesh.

Inadequate support
Large breasted women often have a battle on their hands to find bras that fit them well and give them the correct amount of support for their shape. All too often, many large breasted women opt for a smaller size bra, which might look more attractive than a “granny bra”, but a smaller size will actually cause more problems than it solves. A bra that fits properly should not ride up at the back; nor should bra straps dig into the shoulders, leaving behind red marks. An ill-fitting bra will not provide enough coverage for the breasts. If your breasts are spilling out of your bra from all angles, then you are wearing the wrong size bra.

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Bad body posture

Women who wear the wrong size bra often have problems maintaining correct posture. This can lead to slouching rather than sitting and standing upright, as well as unexplained back and neck pain.

The best solution to wearing the wrong bra size is to visit a store/shop such as beautiful beneath shop located at East Legon,Accra near the A&C Mall and get yourself measured, not once every few years, but every single time you go shopping for a new bra. The reason for this is that a woman’s bust size will change throughout her life due to hormonal reasons, pregnancy, weight loss and other factors. Wearing the wrong bra size can cause health problems, but allowing yourself to be measured each time you go bra shopping will ensure that you buy the correct bra size. This will eliminate the health problems that can occur while wearing the wrong bra size.

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Risk caused by an ill-fitting or unsuitable bra?
These are mainly skin complaints, especially in the under bust area.
In some advanced countries particular links between wearing tight bras and breast cancer are being examined. Currently, however, there is no clear evidence supporting such suspicions, but such links have also not been clearly excluded. The many proven risk factors for the occurrence of breast cancer definitely play a much more important role.
However, there can be no doubt that a well-fitting bra not only looks better and feels more comfortable, but also prevents the occurrence of any potential health problems which may be associated with a badly-fitting bra.

Key factors to help prevent health problems

A well-fitting suitable bra can help to prevent complaints in the back, shoulders and neck, especially in women with a large bust.Combined with physiotherapy, a well-fitting bra is an important factor in treating these problems and can also help to prevent the development of long-term chronic complaints.
Dangerous health effects of wearing a wrong size bra
Back pain occurs in women with large breasts and the bra is also of the wrong size. Ill-fitting bra puts pressure on the chest and due to effect of gravity of heavy breasts women tend to stoop, causing pain in the hip area. If the bra is tight it will exert pressure on the rib cage causing back pain.

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Breast pain is the most common cause of wrong size bra. Tight fitting bras that  are uncomfortable lead to breast pain, shoulder and neck pain The straps of tight bras create pressure on the shoulders. This strain from shoulder can go up to the  neck causing  severe pain.  Blockage of the lymph nodes Lymphatic vessels on the breasts are very thin, they can easily be compressed with constant minimum pressure from tight fitting bras. This pressure can close the lymph valves and vessels.

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Breast ligaments 

Wrong size bra can develop the risk of ­irreversible damage to the breast ligaments, which can cause pain, and lead to sagging.
Sagging breasts can be a result of wearing a loose bra which spoils the size and shape of the breasts. Loose bras fail to lift the breasts and keep them in shape and make them heavier and tend to sag them.

Skin problem

An improper bra size can cause blisters on the skin around the breast, especially when the size is small and it is very tight around the breasts.

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Written by Eugene Nyavor

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