7 signs you should never sleep with her.

When men meet ladies, their minds wander to sleeping with them most times. This is excusable as men are often times moved by sight; they tend to feed their minds with things they see.
However, it is not every woman that should be taken to bed. While the ladies of this generation may be provocative with their dressing and all, men should learn to have self-control and watch out for signs that ward them off.
1. S3@.x:’ is binding: and as much as people get reckless with it, there are so many hidden things attached to it. You can never tell the medical history of someone unless you do proper tests and you could never be sure of the spiritual implication that comes with sleeping a woman. It is an intimate act, a part of you is deposited in her and you also take a part of her. Little wonder people get so attached to someone after sleeping with them up to the point of obsession. Also, the pain and depression that comes with being heartbroken after being S3@.x:’ually involved with someone could be explained. But most people don’t want to look at the deep aspect of S3@.x:’; they would rather focus on the pleasure gotten from the hot meshing of two heated bodies entwined.
Without delving into S3@.x:’ and the numerous implications that could arise from the act of consummation, find below some signs that says you should never sleep with her.
2. When She Says No
Whenever a woman says no affirmatively or uses her body language to suggest that, then you should learn to back out. Anything after that is coercion or force. There are several women out there so if one says no, then move on. Rape is punishable under law and the S3@.x:’ may not be as pleasurable as it ought to be when done with an uncooperative partner. When a woman says, moves away and makes effort to dress up then she doesn’t want to. Be a perfect gentleman and respect her wish.
3. When Some Terrible Odor Oozes Out Of Her
Depending on your own level of personal hygiene, a woman who smells should be a no go area. If she’s able to emit offensive odor with the various fragrances sold around, then there’s more to the matter. If such an offensive odor could be perceived from her, then what would be expected when she takes off her clothes and you are in the act?
4. When She’s Clingy
Men sleep with women for so many reasons. If sleeping with her is just to satisfy some S3@.x:’ual urge and relieve the built up S3@.x:’ual tension stored in your system, then you shouldn’t sleep with her if she’s the clingy type. This is because she has every tendency to choke you and every other person in your life. She could become so attached that it may be difficult getting out of her claws.
5. Impossible To Please
A woman who seems hard to please and who is always in need represents potential trouble. It may be difficult to satisfy her in bed. Women that are wantons wear men out in bed especially if they are not operating on the same frequency. If you don’t match her strength to strength, you could become a laughing stock and she could rub you of your self-esteem. Your finances may also suffer while trying to meet her numerous expectations.
6. When She’s Cheap
A woman who is seen as been cheap or too loose represents a potential threat to your wellbeing. While you may be concerned about the S3@.x:’ and getting some cookies as soon as possible, you should also consider the fact that she may have many lovers and might have slept with many men. Women like these have little or no self-respect and could endanger your life with their S3@.x:’ual escapades.
7. When She’s Still Into Her Ex
Lastly, one sign you should watch out for before sleeping with a woman is the ex-factor. Constantly talking about an ex can kill a man’s desires. She may want to sleep with you but then that would only be rebound S3@.x:’. If the affair is programmed to be a long-term relationship, then it would be better to hold on for a while to clear things up. Ladies like these stay with men out of convenience. And they would go back to their exes as soon as they can. You should not sleep with them except you want to take advantage of the situation.



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