Kevin and I are not nymphomaniacs-Melissa Satta Boateng

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Wife of Besiktas and former Black Stars star,Kevin Prince Boateng says she isn’t a nymphomaniac , even though she has attributed her footballer husband’s  injury woes to his ‘bedroom antics’
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Speaking to La Gezetta dello Sport sometime ago, Melissa Satta Boateng spoke about the couple’s rather crazy sex life and how she believed it was the cause of her husband’s injuries.

Now, she has clarified the statements,insisting she isn’t a nymphomaniac despite her rather intense sex life.

Mellissa Satta Boateng said;

The reason Kevin is injured so often is because we have sex seven to ten times a week.”

“I hate foreplay, I want to go straight for it. I prefer to be on top so that I can be in control.”

Melissa has  since broken her silence over the claims she made eight years ago and admitted that she was surprised by the “whirlwind I ended up in.”

The Italian beauty further told Gazzetta dello Sport: “You can’t believe what a whirlwind I ended up in.

She however went on to clarify her statements, insisting she isn’t a nymphomaniac.

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“You have to be very careful about what you say in football, especially when it comes to sex.

“Just because we have sex so often doesn’t make me a nymphomaniac,” she concluded.

Kevin Prince Boateng has enjoyed a rather illustrious career that has seen him win multiple titles in Italy and Germany with top European giants like AC Milan, Barcelona, Dortmund amongst others.

However, there is this lingering feeling that his career could have been a lot better had it not been stalled by so many injuries.

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