5-year-old girl Lists the Qualities she Wants in her Future Husband; Video Causes stir


A five-year-old Ghanaian girl has made some astonishing pronouncements about the kind of man she wants, which is amazing for many Ghanaians on social media.

In the video that is being circulated online, the young girl whose identity is withheld clearly listed the attributes she cannot tolerate in her future husband.

The full list of qualities she wants in a man

The first behavior the girl mentioned was that her man must be able to keep his surroundings neat, particularly when it comes to his place of abode.

Next, the passionate young girl added that the man she will marry in the future should not be the type of person who would wait for her to come home and cook before he eats.

As though that was not too much for a five-year-old, the little girl further added that she cannot withstand a man who does not like washing his clothes or repeats them day after day.

Her own words

“I want a man who is neat and sweeps his room. I don’t want a man who will wait for me to come home and cook before he will eat. I can’t be with a man who will wear a shirt for 10 days before changing it and I don’t want a man who can’t wash his plates,” she added.

Perhaps, the most breathtaking part of the video was how the young girl made hand and facial gestures as she tried explaining her points.

Watch Video Below

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