5 Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Rejection And Approach Any Woman You Want

7 Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Rejection And Approach Any Woman You Want

The major thing that prevents men from getting the women of their dreams is the fear of rejection.

You might have a thousand pick up lines at your fingertips but if you fear to approach, then you will never get the women you truly desire. The fear of rejection is an irrational anxiety to the potential of being rejected. It often stops you from tabling a romance proposal to a woman. In the end, you just become a spectator.

When you have a fear of rejection, you always feel like it’s not the right time to approach. But later on, you realize you messed up and become bitter.

So how do you overcome it?

1. Understand that it’s something normal.

You are not alone. Many men have this fear. You are not a lesser human being for fearing rejection. Understand that it’s a common problem. But that doesn’t specifically make it okay.  As a man, you should always aim to better yourself and since the fear of rejection has held many men back, vow to be different by eliminating it within you.

2. Learn from confident people.

You know those guys who talk to any woman at any time? Watch them and learn. Be their friend too if you can. Personally, there was a time I used to be very shy. I had all these tips and ideas in my head about how to rock a woman’s world but I couldn’t implement them.  This was because I had been an introvert most of my life. But I got better by hanging out with confident guys and learning from them. I can’t say I am the most confident guy right now. There are things I still fear, but luckily, approaching women is no longer one of them.

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3. Use exposure therapy.

What is exposure therapy? This is where you simply approach a girl even if you have nothing to say. Of course, you will get rejected a bunch of times. However, you will realize the world doesn’t end. It’s totally normal. Over time, your confidence will begin to build.

Understand that fear is irrational. If you do not go ahead and do what you fear, you are leaving yourself in the same position as before with no chance of solving it. If you don’t approach, you are in essence rejecting yourself, before giving someone else the opportunity to. But if you approach, you have made an attempt to solve the problem. If you keep going, you will learn to solve it even better.

4. Develop a resilient mindset.

In life, the winners are those that are quick to pick themselves up when they fall. Even if you get rejected, just keep going. Be better than you were the previous time. Smile more or say something funny. Resilience and improvement are what will get you far.

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5. Aim low, before you go high.

In order to effectively eliminate your fear of rejection, start by approaching women that are within your league. Once you become a pro in your own turf is when you can aim higher. Women within your league are less likely to reject you. Success with them will build your confidence to go for more sophisticated women.

Written by Eugene Nyavor

Eugene Nyavor is the Founding Editor at Gh Links.

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