5 Struggles That Are Too Real For Any Man Dating A Taller Woman

So you have found yourself the perfect girl, who incidentally is also about a foot and a half taller than you are?

I feel you, boy, I feel you. The struggle of a short guy dating a tall girl is very much real. Many are the times are when you walk in a room holding her hand and people stare at you like “wow she’s really tall”.

Here are 9 things every guy with a taller girlfriend can relate to.

1. People seem to think you don’t realize that she’s tall.

You walk into a room and someone quips “Wow, she’s really tall! Aren’t you a little too short for her?”. Thank you so much I know.



2. She has to bend to kiss you.

You know how kissing a short girl is sweet? That she has to tiptoe to reach you? Well with a taller girl it’s the opposite. Scary huh?




3. And a  forehead kiss is a struggle too.

You cannot give her a forehead kiss the way yo do to a shorter girl. Sad.




4. You cannot dance with her.

You remember that time you took her out for dinner in a romantic restaurant and a love ballad was playing? Well, you tried dancing with her but you couldn’t – your arms too short to hold her by the waist.

saying no



5. People assume you are younger than her.

Just because you are a 5’2 doesn’t mean you are a child. Every time you are with a taller girl you feel like a child with its mother, hey you are fine she is just tall!

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