Ghana football nears normalisation

The GFA Congress and Normalisation Committee have come to agreement for the adoption of proposed statutes to see to return football to normalcy.

The decision came after the FA Congress voted unanimously to adopt the statutes proposed by the normalisation committee.

The congress began on a good note with the Chairman of the Normalisation Committee, Dr. Kofi Amoah giving his welcome address.

Mrs Naa Odofoley, member of the committee , also went on to clearly outline the few changes to the initially proposed statutes key among them being the tenure of the president of the FA cut down to two terms only.

This led to a heated debate as members were clearly not pleased. In the end, a vote was conducted and 155 members voted for the statutes to be adopted and elections held.

A release on the official GFA website said:

Congress of the Ghana Football Association has voted unanimously to adopt the proposed new statutes presented before it by the Normalisation Committee of the Ghana Football Association.

At an historic Extraordinary Congress in Accra, members voted massively to adopt the Statute, which has now become binding on the GFA.

155 members present voted to unanimously adopt the revised Statutes.

The adoption of the revised statutes paves the way for elections to be conducted to elect a new president for the Association, as well as a new board.

Meanwhile Congress also unanimously adopted the Normalization Committee’s proposed regulations for the upcoming elections of the GFA.

The next thing on the line is the election of FA executives with several notable names vying for the post.


Written by Eli Avot

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