28-year-old home teacher pregnant for my 19-year-old son – Ghanaian man cries

28-year-old home teacher pregnant for my 19-year-old son – Ghanaian man cries

A Ghanaian man is in a state of dilemma after a 28-year-old home teacher he employed to teach his 19-year-old twins (male and female) said she is pregnant for the male one.

According to the disturbed man, identified as Richard Nana Sam, his teenage son has also admitted to impregnating his teacher.

He added that the female teacher disclosed the development to him in a bid to seek his permission to get married to his son who is still in school.

He took to the Ghanaian Facebook page Tell It All to narrate his ordeal and sought advice on how to handle the quagmire.

“Hello family, please I need your advise because it’s difficult to handle this issue.

“I have 19yrs old twins (a boy & a girl), I wanted a home teacher for them because I don’t want a male teacher who might make advances on my daughter so I opted for a female teacher who is 28yrs.

“This teacher is very good and very nice to my children. She’s made my children addicted to books, now my children’s academic performance is very very good. Infact I’m very happy to have her as my children’s home teacher. My children can now speak English and French frequently.

“Beloved, after 8months of teaching my children, the teacher oneday came to inform me that she is 3months pregnant for my son of which my son also accepted the pregnancy is really his. She says she in love with my son so I should allow them to marry.

“Family please I need your advise because I’m going nuts now. I can’t think far,” Richard Nana Sam wrote.

His post has triggered mixed reactions as some members of the Facebook page accused the home teacher of abusing the teenager and advised that he takes care of the pregnant woman and allow the son to continue with his schooling.

While some people are opposed to the pregnant teacher marrying the young man, others disagree, wondering what the advice would be if the teacher was a male and impregnated the female of the twins.

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