100+ Xhosa names for boys and girls with meaning 2021

Xhosa names
Xhosa names

There are a number of meaningful and beautiful Xhosa names that have been adopted for decades. 

Discover the meaning of some of these names as you read on. 

One of the most exciting things about giving birth is deciding what to call your daughter or son. 

Names for children should therefore be chosen carefully, as certain options may have different meanings within specific cultures and settings. 

A person’s decision on how to address their newborn depends on certain circumstances. 

Some are based on happiness, joy, gifts, and gratitude. 

It is therefore necessary to do a lot of research before settling on something that will suit your child. 

For your assistance, here is a list of Xhosa names with their meanings for boys and girls.

An overview of Xhosa clan names

Xhosa clan names

It is a great honor, especially among the Xhosa people, to name a child in South Africa, unlike in the Euro-western context. 

Your children are not just identified and referred to by their names, but they are given an identity according to specific cultural laws. 

According to Xhosa culture, the first title of a clan is usually associated with its lexicon, which is what inspires the Xhosa clan name. 

It is therefore imperative to get accurate translations based on the carrier’s language as well as the linguistic system.

 Here are some names for boys and girls and their meanings in Xhosa. 

Xhosa boy names

Xhosa society has a limited collection of names; therefore, not every entry you find will be suitable for your child. 

It explains why some titles are so popular and others are hardly ever used. 

In tradition, boys are considered to be heirs to their fathers, and there is nothing better than seeing your child as a boy. 

As the arrival of a child is seen as a blessing for the parents, it is important to align the child’s identity with their aspirations, expectations, and feelings. 

Names and meanings for boys that are uncommon in Xhosa are listed below.

  • Melisizwe – nation’s leader
  • Sifso – wish
  • Rolihlahla – pulling a tree branch (the colloquial of troublemaker)
  • Nkosi – ruler, king, god, or lord
  • Mpilo – life
  • Mxolisi – peacemaker
  • Lephelo – the end
  • Lubanzi – upper flat and clear surface (directly associated with the parents’ love for a child)
  • Luphumlo – rest
  • Khanyiso – light
  • Themba – hope, trust
  • Abongile – thankfulness
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 Xhosa girl names

Xhosa girl names
Xhosa girl names

It is common for parents to be more excited when their babies are girls. 

Nothing can stop them from giving the new member the sweetest identity they can find. 

As mentioned, it should be a name that implies some form of attachment – something that expresses affection, love, joy, or gratitude. 

It is therefore natural to focus so much on such naming approaches that we fail to notice other yet equally excellent options. 

We’ve compiled some Xhosa names for girls and their meanings for your consideration the next time you welcome a baby girl.

  • Fundiswa – smart, sensible, educated
  • Noxolo – peace
  • Funeka – needed
  • Khanyiswa – lights up
  • Nobomi – life
  • Gugu – our pride
  • Sindiswa – we have it
  • Nonhle – beautiful
  • Nocawe – born on Sunday
  • Sisipho – gift
  • Nkosazana – princess
  • Nontle – beautiful (variation of Nonhle)
  • Sivuyile – we are happy
  • Thandiwe – loving one
  • Sansile – we increased
  • Simpho – gift
  • Liyema – stability in the family
  • Liyabona – it sees
  • Andisiwe – extension
  • Akhona – present
  • Aphiwe – they are given
  • Babalwa – graced
  • Bathandwa – beloved
  • Buhle – beauty
  • Hlengiwe – redeemed, rescued, helped
  • Gugulethu – pride, treasure
  • Lindiwe – awaited, waited for
  • Nosipho – gift
  • Nosizwe – nation

Unisex Xhosa names

If you are looking for a name but yet not aware of the baby’s gender, you may consider an unisex name. Here are some uncommon ideas to try.

  • Luthando – it’s love
  • Unathi – she or he is with us
  • Thando – to love
  • Esihle – good, beautiful
  • Akhona – present
  • Ayanda – they are increasing
  • Bandile – they have increased
  • Zola – calm
  • Buhle – handsome, beautiful

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